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What You Need to Know About Algo Trading?

Algo trading (AT) refers to using computer programs for trading. These programs can buy and sell stocks or other instruments, on their own, based on rules specified before. AT drives a significant percentage of the trading in global stock markets. Algo trading can help you buy and sell several securities at the same time in multiple markets. And without any common human errors. The new algo trading software uses machine learning and AI. Despite these advantages, algo trading has a few downsides. But given the development of big data, cloud computing and advanced machine learning algorithms, algo trading is all set to reach new heights.

TechFin: How BigTech is Disrupting Banking and Financial Services

TechFin refers to the entry of technology majors into the financial services space. For instance, well-known technology players such as Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook and several telecom companies have forayed into the lucrative BFSI sector. And this development adds to the woes of incumbents already fighting off specialized FinTech companies and branchless, licensed digital banks. And plenty of capital from aggressive VC funds is only adding fuel to the fire. All things considered, TechFin entrants seem to be winning!

How is Crowdfunding Disrupting Startup Financing?

Crowdfunding is a way of raising money directly from investors without any intermediaries like banks or venture funds. It is a subset of crowdsourcing. You can use crowdfunding to raise equity or debt for your business or donations for a social cause. In addition to raising money, you can validate your product ideas, rope in distributors and gain market traction. Crowdlending or P2P lending, a subset of crowdfunding, has also registered significant growth. In future, specialized crowdfunding platforms will emerge and become viable alternatives to bank funding and venture financing.

The Future of Banking

Traditional banks are under serious threat from the branchless digital banks and FinTech companies that offer niche products to select customer segments. Also, technology companies like Amazon and Google, with formidable brands and large customer bases are bundling financial services with their core products. And with the rise of cryptocurrencies, a new set of DeFi protocols with innovative financial offerings are joining the fray. For now, technology majors look like winning!

What is Decentralized Finance?

DeFi is a new way of offering borrowing, lending and other complex financial products to anyone with just an internet connection without...

How is biology disrupting life insurance?

Life insurance is being disrupted by biology. Epigenetics, the branch of genetics which deals with expression of genes, can help predict the longevity of a person more accurately than the current actuarial methods. Epigenetic testing will improve the cost, speed and accuracy of life insurance underwriting. As the cost of this test falls, epigenetics will become a standard for life insurance underwriting.

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