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10 Top Global Crowdfunding Platforms That You Should Know About




Kickstarter started operations in 2009 in the US with the stated mission of helping creative projects come to life. Kickstarter has raised $ 5.8 billion for more than 20000 projects. It has a vibrant community of more than 20 million backers all over the world.

Oculus Rift, the VR company (that later got acquired by Facebook), Pebble, the smartwatch company, and Wobbleworks, a 3D printing company, raised money on Kickstarter.



Indiegogo prides itself in funding the next big thing. The platform offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch their innovative tech products before they go mainstream. It started operations in 2008 and has a community of 9 million investors from across 235 countries. The platform helps entrepreneurs every step of the journey, right from funding the prototype to achieving market penetration.

Some of the successful projects funded on the platform include Microdrone, a customizable, unmanned aerial vehicle capable of filming high-definition videos, Jibo robot that can recognize voices and faces,, a company that teaches school children programming.



GoFundMe is a fund-raising platform for individuals, groups, and nonprofits. You can raise donations for personal emergencies, medical expenses, and social causes. It has a donor community of over 50 million who have helped raise about $5 billion so far. And unlike Kickstarter and Indiegogo, there are no time limits for campaigns. Also, there is no all or none law, and you can keep the donations you raise even if it falls short of the target.

The platform offers GoFundMe Guarantee, a first in the crowdfunding space with a team of specialists who ensure that the funds reach the intended beneficiaries. If not, donors will get back their money.



Patreon is one of the fastest-growing crowdfunding platforms in the world. This platform serves creators such as artists, musicians, YouTubers and podcasters, game designers, writers, journalists, and nonprofits. Patreon helps them earn a recurring income while offering exclusive content or services to their fans. The artists can also reward their patrons with their work.

Creators can create their own pages on the Patreon website to seek funding for their projects. They can set up a recurring monthly revenue stream by offering paid monthly membership to their ardent fans. And in return, fans get the work of the artists or benefit from their work. The platform provides creators different membership types, including payment for content, education, and ‘pay-what-you-can’ revenue model.



SeedInvest helps you invest in promising startups. The unique feature of the platform is that it thoroughly scrutinizes and shortlists projects worthy of funding. This due diligence is a great benefit to investors. SeedInvest has funded more than 200 startups.

SeedInvest charges the investors a fee for its services.



MightyCause helps nonprofits raise money. The causes eligible for funding include education, animal welfare, creating awareness for social issues, medical help, and more. The platform offers various related services such as finding a matching grant for the funding raised, donor management, data collection, technology support such as integration with CRM platforms, etc.

The platform offers a pay-as-you-go, monthly subscription model of pricing to nonprofits.



StartEngine is a crowdfunding platform based in the US. On this platform, companies can offer debt, convertible notes, and revenue shares to investors. The platform provides opportunities for everyday investors to get access to standout startups at an early stage. And you can invest as little as $100 to get started.

StartEngine boasts of a celebrity advisor, Kevin O’Leary of Shark Tank fame.



ArtistShare started as a ‘fan-funding site.’ It is a pioneer in crowdfunding that focuses on helping creative artists and musicians raise funds for their projects. Several projects have received Grammy awards, Pulitzer Prize, and nominations for numerous other prestigious awards.

The platform brings artists and their fans together in a tightly-knit community, helping fans follow the creative process and even get involved in the projects in a meaningful way. And it protects the intellectual properties of the artists and provides a variety of services to help entrepreneurial artists achieve their goals without losing their independence.



Crowdcube is a crowdfunding platform that helps businesses raise funds at various stages of their growth and provides a host of value-added services.

Unlike many platforms that focus on seed funding, Crowdcube helps businesses raise seed and early funding and serves as a life-long funding partner. It helps companies raise Series A and B funding as well.

The platform charges a success fee of 5.5% and a completion fee of 0 .75%.

This platform’s unique feature is its secondary marketplace for shares in private companies, called Cubex, which helps investors get liquidity.



Ulule is a crowdfunding platform for creators and entrepreneurs with projects to fund, sell products and build a community.

Like many platforms, the fundraiser has to specify the amount to be raised and a time frame. If the project fails to reach that goal within that time frame, the platform will return the money to the investors. The goal can either be a certain amount of money or a specific number of products to be sold.

The cons include availability in only certain parts of the world (US, Canada, and most Europe). Also, Ulule charges a commission of 5% and a transaction fee of 3% if the project collects funds successfully.


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